Since the trees dropped their leaves later than usual, we have scheduled a second pickup in selected areas only, as outlined on the map. This work will begin once the first cycle of mechanical leaf collection has been completed, which will be approximately December 1. If there is significant snow fall, the second pickup will be terminated and any remaining leaves will have to be collected for pickup on your regular yard waste collection day.


There has been a lot of discussion around the proposed Eglinton West LRT. If you didn't have the opportunity to attend one of the public consultations, please take a few moments to fill out the survey below.


Coyotes have been living in Toronto for many years. During the fall and winter months, as the leaves disappear from the trees and shrubs, coyotes become more visible in the city. Toronto Animal Services continues to give a strong message to Toronto residents on the importance of taking certain steps whenever a coyote is sighted at a relatively close range. Please take time to read the attached information to ensure you are taking all of the steps to reduce possible conflict or contact with coyotes. The most important message is that people must encourage the coyote's natural fear of humans. Unfortunately that fear will be reduced if people feed coyotes, either deliberately or inadvertently (e.g. leaving garbage out, feeding pets outside, feeding other wild animals or placing any other food source outside on your property). When coyotes live in an area where they are being fed by people, they sometimes start to view dogs, including large dogs, as competition to their food source. Ideally, people who see coyotes should actively scare a coyote away at every sighting (suggestions on how to do this are in the attachment). Coyotes are naturally curious and intelligent animals and will approach closely to people "testing the waters" to determine if there anything to be fearful of as they explore the area. If the person does nothing, the coyote learns that the person wasn't a threat. Because coyotes are such smart animals they adapt and learn very quickly to everything we do or don't do. Every encounter with a person that isn't scary to them may encourage the coyote to get closer next time. The attached information has many solutions on reducing the potential for conflict with coyotes in the city. Please feel free to share the attached document with your neighbours and anyone who might benefit from having it. For further information and how to report a sighting, visit our web site at


The Mechanical Leaf Collection program is a limited service designed to supplement yard waste collection in a few areas in Etobicoke and Scarborough with heavy leaf accumulations and in neighbourhoods with roadside ditches to prevent ponding, flooding and road icing as a result of blocked culverts and catch basins. Using specialized equipment, City crews collect leaves on select streets that collect on the road allowance and public edge of the roadway during the program period. Preparing for mechanical leaf collection: You can help the City to clear the leaves by raking leaves that have accumulated in ditches and on the public road allowance to the edge of the roadway no more than few days before your street's mechanical leaf collection period begins. Do not rake leaves onto sidewalks, the travelled portion of the roadway or place leaves in ditches, on top of catch basins or obstruct water flow in any way. This year's leaf program will consist of one pickup over a one week period. Please realize that we can only collect the leaves that have fallen at the time of your scheduled collection, which can vary based on seasonal conditions. If the leaf collection program is suspended due to an early snowfall, we will not resume leaf collection and any remaining leaves will be collected for pickup on your regular yard waste collection day. For a list of streets and collection dates please visit the links below:



The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) officially announced that the King Street Transit Pilot will launch on Sunday, November 12 at 7 a.m. The goal of the King Street Transit Pilot is to put people and transit first by improving transit reliability, speed and capacity between Bathurst and Jarvis Streets. Streetcars will be prioritized and private vehicle traffic will be restricted while local traffic access will be maintained. For more information, and to view new video that explains the pilot, visit the link below:


Artists and arts organizations may be eligible for grants to support this programming through Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Toronto Parks grants program. Working with Parks, Forestry and Recreation, TAC has designated a total of 29 parks for programming under the grants program. Wincott Park has been selected as one of these designated parks! The Animating Toronto Parks grants program provides funding to professional artists, organizations and artist collectives to create and present free arts programming in selected Toronto parks located outside the downtown core. For the purposes of this program, “arts programming” may include the presentation of dance, literary arts, music, theatre, visual arts and media arts, community-engaged arts and any combination of the above. Permanent installations will not be funded within this program. The application deadline for funding is December 4. For more information please follow the link:


The YIMBY Festival is a great opportunity for you to connect with grassroots organizations working on community-based action in your Ward. YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) Festival 2017 is the Ten Year Anniversary of the YIMBY Festival in Toronto Saturday, December 9th - 1:30pm-5:30pm Metro Hall Rotunda 55 John Street Free and open to the public | The annual YIMBY Festival is a free, city-wide event celebrating community-based action and ideas in Toronto. The event provides a social space for people and groups involved in grassroots, locally driven civic action to gather, exchange ideas, and imagine their future city. At YIMBY, community groups, local businesses, neighbours and politicians come together in the spirit of positive change.


From today to November 30, general admission to nine of the City's historic museums will be free courtesy of Mackenzie Investments in celebration of its 50th anniversary. For more information and locations, please visit the link below.


Tired of a cold, drafty home and high energy bills - HELP is here! Through the City of Toronto's Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), you can get a low-interest loan to cover the cost of a new high-efficiency furnace, new windows, doors, insulation and more. And if you want to go the extra mile, the loan can also cover the cost of solar rooftop panels, solar hot water heaters, and geothermal heating and cooling! The great thing about Toronto's Home Energy Loan Program, is that at the same time that you make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills, you'll also be reducing the emissions that contribute to climate change.


Richview branch will be closed as of Sunday, October 22 at 5 p.m. to renovate the upper level of the building. There will be a phased reopening, with the lower level and first floor opening December 4, 2017 and the remainder of the building opening in Spring 2018. Service during the closure Returning books and other materials The book drop will not be available. Library materials can be returned to any Toronto Public Library branch. Picking up holds You can choose where you want to pick up your holds during the closure. To change your hold pickup location: •In your account, change the pickup location for your existing holds. Change your home branch to set the default location for any new holds you place. •Ask Richview staff for assistance until October 22nd. •Call Answerline for assistance at 416-393-7131.


Adult & senior TTC Monthly Passes on PRESTO on sale Sept 23 buy one at select Shoppers Drug Marts or at


Site preparation work at Humber Valley Park will start the week of October 23, 2017 and the site will be secured with installation of the fitness equipment to begin on November 6, 2017. This new space will be great to look forward to in springtime!


The safety zones have new features aimed at improving the safety of children walking to school and are part of the City’s $80-million Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and overall traffic safety measures. The School Safety Zones feature new school zone safety signs with flashing beacons, school zone pavement stencils, "Watch your speed" driver feedback signs and zebra markings at school crosswalks. In addition, City staff will be extending the coverage of enhanced pavement markings up to 250 metres away from school buildings to help encourage active transportation to school, which includes walking or biking. Ward 4 recently received a new School Safety Zone near Father Serra Catholic Elementary School at 111 Sun Row Dr. "The safety of all pedestrians, but particularly children, must be a priority in this city,” said Mayor Tory. "Through the School Safety Zone program, we have looked at how children travel to school and have added measures to keep them safe on their journey." The City's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, approved by Toronto City Council in 2016, contains a series of measures and strategies aimed at eliminating deaths and serious injuries on Toronto streets as well as improving safety for all road users. The City's Vision Zero website includes a mapping tool showing safety measures in place and future planned work as well as safety tips for all road users aimed at making streets safer:


The City of Toronto is introducing a new, easier and more convenient process to dispute parking violations. Disputes for parking violations received on or after August 28 will be handled by the City instead of through the provincial court, improving customer service by providing faster resolutions and a more efficient overall process. Access to the new dispute process will be available 24/7 through the City's website, Individuals can request a review or dispute a parking violation online through the City's website. People who prefer to dispute a violation in-person can have their penalty reviewed at one of two City locations: Metro Hall (55 John St.) or North York Civic Centre (5100 Yonge St.). In-person reviews can be booked in advance on the City's website and are also available on a drop-in basis. The City of Toronto is committed to continuously improving and modernizing customer service. This new dispute process allows the public to request a review of a parking violation through a customer-focused, streamlined service. All reviews, online and in-person, will be conducted by a City screening officer who can affirm, vary or cancel penalties, including having the authority to give people additional time to pay the penalty fee. If the individual is not satisfied with the penalty review decision, a second and final review can be requested with an independent, Council-appointed hearing officer. Payment methods for parking violations remain the same, with payment either online, by mail or in-person at seven City locations.


We regret to inform residents that due to significant infrastructure and technical issues, Centennial Park Ski and Snowboard Centre will not open for the 2018 season. Any residents looking for ski and snowboard programs for the 2018 season should review the Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard program schedule.


Metroland Media has an urgent need for newspaper carriers in Ward 4. This is a great opportunity for youth (10 and up) to deliver the Etobicoke Guardian Newspaper and flyers every Thursday. Please contact Neckesha Crawford at 416-774-2290 or email Map of paper route attached in link.


Our local food bank is looking for volunteers! If anyone would like to volunteer at the food bank, either Tuesday mornings from 9am - 11am receiving the food from the truck or on Tuesday evenings from 4:30 - 7pm, they would be more than welcome. They have seen an increase in visitors over the past little while and with increased demand, they can use more volunteers! If high school students need volunteer hours, they are also more than welcome to come. Anyone interested can contact Karen Ewing at or Pastor Edmund at, or call the church directly at 416-247-1922.


Toronto residents are needed to serve on a range of City boards and committees. Board members provide oversight of their agency or corporation, bring a community perspective to board discussions, and help to reflect the needs and interests of Torontonians. This fall, the City of Toronto will be recruiting for more than 70 public member positions across 20 boards. Bring your skills and experience to the table. To learn more about these opportunities and apply online, please visit the link below.


Volunteer Toronto is a charity that connects volunteers to the causes that need them. Each month, Volunteer Toronto hosts workshops entitled "Becoming a Board Member." This workshop uniquely targets professionals who are interested in joining a non-profit board. Sessions cover a variety of topics including: What is a Board of Directors and why do organizations need them?; What skills do I need to sit on a Board?; and Do I need previous Board experience? Please visit the link below for more information:


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