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4208, 4210 and 4214 DUNDAS STREET - RONA SITE

Final approval was given to amend the Official Plan and former City of Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit a mixed-use development at 4208, 4210 and 4214 Dundas Street West. The development would include an 8-storey (35 metre) mixed-use building fronting Dundas Street West, 3-storey (13 metre) stacked townhouses and a 21-storey (72 metre) residential apartment building at the rear of the site, a public road and a public park. 399 residential units are presently being sold. Retail stores will be on the lower floors of the 8-storey building fronting Dundas Street West with 522 parking spaces. Car and truck access will come from a new public road extending northward from Dundas Street West. A private driveway will provide access and address to the rear residential buildings. A westward continuation of the public road would be provided on the south side of a new public park, to be located in the northwest portion of the site.


A well respected facilitating company, Brook Pooni was been hired for a pre-application public meetings for residents interested in the future of the Richview Plaza and the adjoining site, those meetings took place on May 27 and August 15. Following the consultations the facilitators gathered the comments and shared them with the developer to assist with their design. Discussions between Build Toronto and Trinity are on-going as they come to an understanding as to how a one-development solution can come together for the two sites (Trinity owns is 5.5 acres, and Build Toronto owns 2.2 acres). On November 1, Trinity unveiled their plans for the site at an open house with an audience of approximately 150 residents. I have stressed how architectural design would be critical as well as lowering the heights and density. I was pleased to see that a grocery store and open public space has been incorporated in their design. Our understanding is that they will be submitting a proposal to City Planning early next year. Please read more for further information about this site.

Richview Square

Richview Square and Trinity Developments


Lanterra, the developer of 4000 Eglinton Ave. W., has put forward revised plans for the site. Not much has changed, except for the elimination of one shadow-casting building. They have appealed the Zoning By-law Amendment application to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). City Planning staff agree with me that the development at this scale and intensity threatens the existing character of the neighbourhood and would set a negative precedent. The OMB pre-hearing was on May 3. The revised plans for this development have been made available and can be viewed through the link below. (Or, we can e-mail them to you.) I moved a motion to direct City Legal and Planning staff to attend the hearing in opposition. I am very much opposed to the plan, which now includes two buildings of 30 storeys. I have told the owners to bring down the heights.

Staff Report - 4000 Eglinton Ave. West

Staff Report


City Planning hosted a series of meetings to discuss the proposed 7-storey development at 45 La Rose Avenue. As there is an existing 16 storey building on the property, many of the attendees were current tenants. The meeting was very well attended, principally by residents of 45 La Rose and 40 Richview Road. Those living at 45 La Rose said, 'fix up our building before you build a new one!' Many expressed strong views in opposition to the proposed application citing many reasons, most commonly the increased density, proximity to neighbouring buildings, parking location of the parking garage entrance, and emission concerns. This was the first step in a lengthy process. The next step is for Planning staff to advise them of required changes. Feedback from attendees at the meeting will be captured in the planning report and residents will have future opportunities to weigh in.


Work has begun on this property and will last two years. I am pleased that they have hired a builder with an excellent reputation which can be expected to obey all city by-laws relating to construction working hours. Background: Approval was given to the Shannex seniors’ residential development containing 272 rental units at 4650 Eglinton Avenue West. The development stems from the 2012 City Council decision in the Ford administration (supported by the former councillor) to transfer lands along the north side of Eglinton to be sold by the City’s agency, Build Toronto. It was Build that decided that a seniors’ residence was the most appropriate development for the area. This facility will offer a continuum of care and includes a floor for people with memory impairment. The development would consist of two 9-storey buildings, linked by a central 5 storey building. A total of 204 parking spaces would be provided within an underground parking garage. We had extensive consultation on this development leading to the developers decreasing the height and density and moving the building back from Eglinton to permit more green space. This development will also bring a much needed 35-40 space daycare facility to our neighbourhood. This was a part of the project that I particularly pushed for as a part of the plan. As anyone knows (or can remember!) one of the most stressful times in life comes when trying to return to work after having a baby and looking for safe, secure daycare. These spaces will support many young families. For more information on the new development, please visit the link below.


This group of buildings has 156 rental units in five 31/2 storey buildings. The buildings have become so run down that only about one-half are occupied and are in a general state of disrepair. At our February Council meeting by a vote of 28-0, approval was given to the refusal report on 289, 291 The Kingsway and 1,3,5,7 St. Steven Court. In March, I put forward a motion, which was passed unanimously to have the City Solicitor attend the Ontario Municipal Board hearings on this proposal. The OMB hearing was held from January 9 - 18 and the Chair agreed with the majority of the witness statements from the Residents' Association. The Chair agreed that the two taller buildings be capped at 9 storeys each with step-backs. Despite not receiving any Section 37 funding from this development, lowering the height is a win for the community.


OMB Report


Following the completion of the utility work for the Humbertown Plaza, the next major construction will be servicing work (water main, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer). While the start date for this work has not been finalized, it will take approximately eight months to complete. Clean up and restoration from the utility work will begin as soon as weather permits. I do not expect to see a sales pavilion appear prior to the spring of 2018 and demolition will not occur before June 2019. They currently do not have an agreement with a food tenant. Our office will be sure to provide you with more information when it becomes available.

Community Initiatives


The vibrant Rosethorn Neighbourhood is undergoing a demographic transformation and it is seeing an influx of young families. Our Rosethorn Park is a community centrepiece and deserves some much-needed repairs and upgrades. A group of area residents have begun the process of teaming up with Councillor John Campbell and the city to start this rejuvenation project. Our goal is to have a new playground for summer 2018! To get involved you can visit Friends of Rosethorn Park on facebook or email rosethornpark@gmail.com. If you would like to donate please visit the link below.


Members of our community have expressed safety concerns to our office over the undesirable activities such as loitering in Donnybrook Park during late evening or early morning hours. To provide better visibility along the pathway and hopefully increase safety in the park, additional lighting has been installed. Section 37 funds from the Dundas Street West developments will be utilized to add metered hydro service and three LED fixtures on concrete poles along the Donnybrook Park pathway.


When City Council approved the Road Safety Plan in 2016, they approved the installation of 10 electronic monitoring signs for the whole city in the fist year. We requested one of the first signs in 2016 and I'm pleased to see we received two additional signs for 2017. The first was placed on the heavily-traveled Rathburn Road, in the school zone for Rosethorn Junior School. The second sign was placed near Father Serra Catholic Elementary School at 111 Sun Row Dr. The lastest addition will be installed this December at Dixon Grove Jr Middle School, 315 The Westway. The safety zones have new features aimed at improving the safety of children walking to school and are part of the City’s $80-million Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and overall traffic safety measures. The School Safety Zones feature new school zone safety signs with flashing beacons, school zone pavement stencils, "Watch your speed" driver feedback signs and zebra markings at school crosswalks. In addition, City staff will be extending the coverage of enhanced pavement markings up to 250 metres away from school buildings to help encourage active transportation to school, which includes walking or biking.


Central Etobicoke Neighbourhood Watch is a cooperative network of local Neighbourhood Watch groups in Central Etobicoke including communities such as Islington Village, Thorncrest Village, Princess Gardens, West Deane Park, Eatonville, Humber Valley Village and The Kingsway. For more information you can email them at CentralEtobicokeWatch@gmail.com or click below for more information.

Rate Payers Groups


The Richmond Gardens Ratepayers and Residents Association serves the residents of Richmond Gardens, Etobicoke, in the area bounded by The Westway, Islington Ave., Eglinton Ave. West and Kipling Ave. This group can be reached at director@richmondgardensrra.ca. For more information please visit the link below.


Islington Ratepayers & Residents Association represents the area bound on the south by Bloor St., on the east by Islington Ave., on the north by Rathburn Rd., and on the west by the Hydro line west of Kipling Ave. For more information, please READ MORE on their website.


Buttonwood Hill Residents Association welcomes all neighbours living in the area of Edenbridge north to Eglinton and from Royal York east to Scarlett Road to join them in looking out for our Community. You can receive more information for this group by emailing buttonwoodhillresidents@gmail.com.


The Executive of the Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association is a group of volunteers who are committed to keeping our neighbourhood a vibrant, safe and well maintained community. Please visit the link below for more information.


Friends of Silver Creek School is a working group comprised of Richmond Gardens’ residents advocating on behalf of a vulnerable group (students of Silver Creek Pre-School (SCPS) and The Etobicoke Children’s Centre (The ECC).


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